The Reining Alberta Classifieds

CLASSIFIED ADS ARE A REINING ALBERTA MEMBER SERVICE (charges apply to non-members). To help serve your fellow members, please notify Reining Alberta when your ad is no longer current. Ads will automatically be removed after 4 months. It is the responsibility of the Reining Alberta member to resubmit the ad again if desired.  One picture per ad is allowed, submit in JPEG format (web ready).  Please submit your ad to the RA office with the ad print as you want it displayed.  Include your contact information for the ad.   Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: The information on this page is provided as a service to our members. Reining Alberta is not responsible for the accuracy of individual sites and neither sponsors nor endorses the events and services listed on this page. For more information, please contact the individual(s) directly.

To view the complete & additional information on each classified ad, click on the Horse or Item.  Contact the person who has placed the ad for more information.


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