Youth Development Certificate Program

Purpose: To help youth develop into contributing participants within the equine industry by providing educational assistance to youth who show their commitment to the sport and industry by their willingness to volunteer as well as participate.

Youth Points

Youth members now have the opportunity to earn unlimited points, based on the number of volunteer hours they provide to Reining Alberta.  They will be awarded a certificate, indicating the value of their total volunteer hours.  The certificates can be used for any kind of educational purposes.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • Volunteering at Branch Shows & Clinics: 1 point/hour
  • Volunteering at Classic Shows: 10 points/hour

How to receive points

  • Youth members send completed tracking forms to Youth Director at the end of each year.  Tracking form is on the website.  A certificate will then be issued from the RA secretary, indicating the total value of volunteer hours for the given year.


  •  As of 2012 the points earned for volunteering have been increased.  There is no limit as to how many points youth can earn for volunteering, and 10 points/volunteer hour are now being awarded at the Classic shows.  Points for participation, however, can no longer be earned.
  • At the end of the year tracking forms are approved by the RA Youth Director.  RA will then reimburse youth for their volunteer hours after the tracking forms and accompanying receipts for their educational expense costs are submitted to the RA Secretary.  RA Clinic/Show expenses do not qualify for this reimbursement.




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