Reining Alberta Performance Program


Offspring nominations accepted throughout the year until November 30, 2020.


What is the Reining Alberta Performance Program "RAPP"?

RAPP is a local breeding program designed to enhance the previous program known as the Reining Alberta Sire Incentive Program. The goal is to increase participation and purses. The program was expanded to allow any foal to be nominated to the program according to the fee schedule below. Foals sired by enrolled Stallions will be eligible for nomination in to the program at significantly reduced rates. The goal is to continue to promote the local stallions and have a program that will also benefit local breeders who chose to breed to other stallions.

Why change the Sire Incentive?

The RA Sire Incentive program was suffering from decreased participation and sustainability was a concern.The enhancements should significantly increase participation and benefit local reiners. RA estimates the monies generated from the enhancements will increase the purses from $10,000 to over $40,000!

How do I nominate my foal?

You must be a current Reining Alberta Member to nominate your foal. Nomination forms are available and are due by November 30, 2020.The nomination fee schedule is below.



Age as of December 31, 2020

Sire Incentive Foals

(Foals Sired by Enrolled Stallions)

Performance Program Foals







2 year old



3 year old



4 year old



5 year old



6 & 7 year old





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