2020 Reining Alberta Virtual Summer Series

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Reining Alberta is bringing forward this FUN opportunity for everyone to get out on their horses and keep riding, until we can all be together again.

Schedule – First Round

  • June 18th-21st Open/Beginner Horse & Open Ranch Riding

    Open Reining/Beginner Horse Open - Pattern 8
    Ranch Riding - AQHA Pattern 8
    Judged by Don Burkinshaw
    Entries close at 7pm MDT on Sunday June 21
    Entries without payment will not be judged.

    First and foremost - HAVE FUN!!!!
  • June 25th-28th Non Pro/NP Beginner Horse/Youth & Amateur/Youth Ranch Riding
  • July 2nd-5th     Rookie/Green Reiner & Novice Youth/Novice Amateur Ranch Riding

Run the series from June to August ….at the end of the series we have hi point prizes…..to qualify for prizes – 2020 RA membership required as only stipulation

Classes = $20 (plus GST) PER class. 50% split.... payments can be via etransfer or square

Classes for all levels - Open, NP, 
Green Reiner, Youth, 
Beginner Horse, Rookie

The only requirement needed for entry is to have someone available to video the rider and then upload/email it. We would have to provide some “guidelines” for capturing a good reining/ranch riding pattern.

COST: $20/class (plus gst) entry (one horse/rider combination per entry) **Payments made via email money transfer to reiningalberta@gmail.com OR via Square at https://squareup.com/store/reining-alberta-2 
**MUST specify rider name, horse name and which class is being entered 

HOW TO ENTER: Open to everyone, divisions by age group. Open (anyone can enter), Non Pro (must be eligible as a Non Pro rider), Youth (must be 18 or under as of January 1, 2020), Green Reiner (must be eligible as a Green Reiner under RA rules), Beginner Horse (RA rules, any age horse but life time earnings must be less than $250), Ranch Riding (anyone can enter, must follow pattern posted) offered as an alternative for those that may not have room for a reining pattern or proper stopping ground.

CLASS WINNERS will be made with Judges’ cards up be posted under class event comments 

PRIZES: Cash prize payouts per class (NRHA Payback schedule A) All classes are “jackpots” with no added money. Prizes per division awarded at the end of the Series, 2020 Reining Alberta Membership required to be eligible for prizes.

CLASS / PATTERNS: Please follow each class instructions and pattern measurements if applicable. 

VIDEO RULES: Videos must be clear - unclear videos will not be judged Horse/rider/handler must be visible at all times Camera position for both reining and ranch riding should be on the left hand of the entry “gate” and half way down the riding “arena”.  
No background music or coaching please. 
Please do not edit your video - one continuous video 
No Show Clothes or Show Equipment required Banding / Braiding / Tail extensions required
No illegal equipment or training tools Attire requirements: boots, jeans and long sleeve shirt Helmets are advised for safety - not required 

GROUP RULES: NO Advertising, sales or unrelated posting to group page
NO RUDE COMMENTS OR CRITIQUES: Please refrain from negative comments. Any unsportsmanlike behavior or comments will be deleted by admins and those members will be removed from group.


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